Nalik has cooperated with Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and other organisations to create an action plan against discrimination. This plan has been presented to the politicians in the Danish Parliament for the coming finance negotiations. Greenlandic people are being discriminated against in Denmark and Nalik does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, and as such Nalik is happy to promote this action plan that we have written with other organisation in Denmark. One of the points in the action plan is the prevention of personal discrimination, and Kâlànguak has bravely told her story of being discriminated against online when she critiziced the use of the word ´Eskimo´.

Nalik is collaborating on an Anti-racism action plan in coalition with Mellemfolkelig Samvirke, Afro Danish Collective, Mino Danmark & Sabaah.

Mellemfolkelig Samvirke, action plan requested from the Danish government, Christiansborg

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