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We are a non-profit organisation that initiates and supports a decolonisation process based upon Inuit values as well as helping to create equality for Inuit.

Who we are

Nalik is a non-profit organisation established in Denmark on 28th January 2018, with the aim of providing a richer narrative about Kalaallit Nunaat Greenland from an Inuit perspective.

Our goal is to shed light on Greenland’s history and review the concept of decolonisation in collaboration with other organisations and researchers. Our approach involves holding public events in the form of presentations and discussions, so that we can create a decolonisation process through the exchange of knowledge.

Our guiding principles


Exchange of knowledge and perspectives


An open conversation room so we can hear your voice


Understanding each other through dialogue

Become a member

You can become a member of Nalik if you would like to contribute to the decolonisation process. The annual fee is 100 DKK, which can be paid through the link below.

Member benefits:
  • Support the cause
  • Attend events
  • Help to positively influence current issues for Greenlandic people

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Our Team

Student, Arctic studies, KU


A board member of Nalik and a student at Greenland & arctic studies, University of Copenhagen.

Through her education Naduk has a historical knowledge about the Inuit history and culture and the historical colonialism between Greenland and Denmark. She is a passionated Inuit artist who likes to discover new disciplines and ways of expressing her culture and thoughts. In her work she has a creative mindset on how to face and approach the current postcolonial challenges in the Inuit and Danish society and is a keen speaker in several podcasts productions e.g. Mino talks, that represents minority cultures and groups.

Psychologist MA


A board member of Nalik, Sanne is a clinical psychologist, whose work focuses on Indigenous methodologies & psychology, discursive issues and perspectives, and social-, development- & integrational-psychology.

Sanne has worked with a range of non-profit youth organisations and Inuit children in Denmark, and recently carried out a study in Aotearoa, New Zealand; a research center at Massey University, that specialises in research for indigenous wellbeing and mental health. The study focused on how to apply indigenous principles, values and worldviews within the field of research and psychology, and how to elevate mental health and wellbeing for the Inuit.

As a psychologist Sanne recognises the post-colonial marginalisation and challenges that Inuit encounter, which is embedded structurally, and at various levels of society. With this understanding, Sanne strives to spread knowledge about discrimination, post-colonial power structures, with their ramifications upon Inuit mental health, whilst working towards a future that is positive for both Inuit and Danes, and inclusive of the Inuit culture, values and worldview.

Let’s dream together, plan together and act together...

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