A week of lectures, presentations and debates on:

The Greenlandic self-governance and the future for Greenland.

President Trump’s offer to buy Greenland puts the relationship between Denmark and Greenland at the forefront.

The Commonwealth in constant change.

Climate change is creating new opportunities for sailing and business development.

Geopolitical changes make Denmark, together with Greenland, a larger power factor in the world.

In Greenland, a constitution is being drafted on the day Greenland elects and chose to detach from Denmark.

How do we handle the new global directions at the same time as the Greenlandic peoples wish for secession from Denmark increases?

And how are the changes reflected in the Greenlandic cultural scene and among the Greenlandic population?

The course ‘Greenland in Change’ facilitated an informed and democratic conversation about the relationship between Denmark, Greenland and the entire Arctic region.

The speakers were: Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen, Martine Lind Krebs, Jonna Votborg, Nanna Heinicke, Poul Henrik Jensen, Knud Michelsen, Martin Breum, Maya Sialuk Jacobsen, Klaus Geisler, Kasper Roug, Jens Heinrich, Jakob Rousøe, Aki-Matilda Høegh-Dam, Kalanguak and Naduk from Nalik.

Jyderup Højskole, Denmark

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